Technical information

We make all our lighting by hand, to your order.  The glass we use is American made art glass, undoubtedly the finest in the world. We offer dozens of choices of colors and textures. Many of the glasses are reversible for different effects.

We can match or harmonize any swatch you send us.  Many of our clients have availed themselves of this service to great advantage. 

The sconces mount on the wall with a heavy duty frame which bolts to a standard 4" octagon box. An aluminum reflector canopy protects the wall from heat and helps throw the light from the sconce. 

We wire for E26 base bulbs. (the standard style of bulb you have been using since Mr. Edison) We feel this gives the best quality of light for interior use. This also allows the greatest versatility in lamping. Many halogen, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs are available with this standard screw base fitting. This allows you to change the type and power of the bulb as you see fit.  You will never be stuck with a proprietary bulb/driver system that may restrict you options in the future.

There are many good LED bulbs available either online or in hardware stores.  The best bulbs are dimmable with a color rendering index that approaches that of sunlight.

All our sconces, pendants and chandeliers carry an Underwriters Laboratories LLC (UL) certification and are so labeled.