Derek Marshall Lighting Installation Procedures

Please note: Installation of electrical fixtures by other than a licensed electrician is entirely at your own risk. Common sense is the primary requirement. 

First order of business: Make sure the power is turned off to the wall or ceiling boxes before starting to work on them. This means turned off at the electrical panel, not simply turned off at the switch which controls the lights. Should the switch be accidentally wired the wrong way (it happens), it is possible for there to be a hot wire in the box even with the switch in the off position. 

Pendant lights follow a similar procedure which will vary depending on the number of lights, method of hanging and other matters. Complete instructions will be included in your shipment.

Click on the appropriate PDF files below for specific instructions.

PDF Instructions for glass sconces    
PDF Instructions for pendant lights on cord
PDF Instructions for pendant lights on tube
PDF Instructions for determining drop tube length of pendants and chandeliers    
PDF Instructions for mounting all Constellation and related chandeliers    
PDF Instructions for mounting Wave chandeliers
PDF Instructions for mounting Ceramic Sconces
PDF Instructions for mounting Wrought Iron Sconce