“The Sea of Tranquility” is, among other things, one of the mares, or seas, on the moon, and the landing site of Apollo 11 where humankind first walked off planet earth.. Not a real sea, it is the congealed lava from an ancient meteor impact, or so it is supposed.

But the Sea of Tranquility is also the name of a tetralogy of books by the 20th century Japanese author, Yukio Mishima, a rather remarkable person and probably among the best known of contemporary writers. I like his writing, and therefore the name.

But to get to the point, The Sea of Tranquility is a five light chandelier, using our Sushi pendant, four radial and one central, hanging light a bit lower down. As with all our lighting, you may choose any of our wonderful glasses (dozens available, custom colors also). The armature is constructed of solid brass tubing. We don’t use ordinary ferrous metals in our lights as it is prone to rust of discolor over time. We use only brass, aluminum and stainless steel along with our selected art glass, the finest of American production.

Dimensions: 28" diameter by 27" depth, not including main drop tube. Weight approximately 27 lbs.

Price: $3456  (Up to 3 feet of drop tube at no additional cost. Additional drop tube is $15 per foot) Chrome finish is an additional $75

Lamping: 5 - incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent or LED bulbs max. up to 100 watts per lamp.

Mounting on a standard 4" electrical box, all hardware is included.  Please specify the distance from the bottom of the light to the ceiling so that we may cut the tube to the correct length for you.

All our lighting carries an Underwriters Laboratories LLC (UL) certification and is so labeled.