Pegasus f439

Pegasus, the mythical winged stallion of ancient Greece. In my case, it is a large and imposing wall sconce made from the bones of the earth and finished with a variety of metals and lacquers. The bones of the earth, in this case, are the minerals of the ceramic family known as clays and associated with many of the crystalline compounds such as feldspar, silica and related earthly stones that have been used for centuries to manufacture articles of worth to societies around the world. We mix these earthly crystalline minerals to form a ceramic body that, with the input of red hot heat, become dense, hard and durable and form them in a mold of our design and fabrication. Finishing is done with a variety of metals, including composition gold, silver, bronze, lacquers and a mixed combination of all of these.

Dimensions: height 20½", width 8", extension from wall 4", weight 7 lbs


Lamping: 2 Edison E26 base bulb, halogen, incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED up to 100 watts

All our lighting carries an Underwriter’s Laboratories LLC (UL) certification and is so labeled.

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