Antique restoration by Derek Marshall  

We have done a lot of restoration of antique lighting, mostly of the arts & crafts era, from the beginning of the electric light in the late 19th century up to the early 1930s.  Much of this work was by the illustrious designers and manufacturers of the that era,  Edward Caldwell and  Bradely and Hubbard Company. (B&H)

Below are some examples of our work.  In restoration we attempt to restore the finish and the glass to its original condition.  We refurbish all the electrical components, or replace as necessary, to bring the light up to contemporary standards and if possible, restore to Underwriters Laboratory, LLC standards and and apply the UL label.  Obviously some designs from that era cannot come up to the UL standard, but we will restore all the electrical components to new condition with new wiring and components, all of which are to UL standards. In every respect we honor the design and craftsmanship of the original piece.  Few of these items have survived into the 21st century.  We feel we have an obligation of pass on these works of art to future generations

If you are interested in restoring some antique fixtures or lamps, please email me with what you have, with appropriate photographs, and we will get back to you with our recommendations and suggested costs.  There is no charge for this service.  Should you want to proceed, we will make a a job estimate and advise you on the shipping of you lights to our facility.

A B&H large hanging lantern fully restored with new glass, ready to hang.

An Edward Caldwell lantern with curved glass panels
One of a pair of General Electric post lanterns in the condition in which they arrived.
The interior view of the GE post lantern with heavy corrosion, broken glass and a bullet lodged in the metal work. Some attempt had been made to restore the electrical components, but did not meet UL standards.
The fully restored GE Post Lantern, one of a pair that currently grace the tops of two granite posts at the entrance to a majestic driveway.
A B&H billiard table lantern in process of restoration.
A B&H short hexagonal lantern
A B&H double wall sconce in for restoration
A few more of the above getting ready for restoration
A B&H round conical sconce restored (the owners wanted the glass transparent, as shown.  I would have chosen to sand-blast the glass with 100 mesh silicon carbide to render it non-transparent so the bulb would be invisible without changing the color...but the customer's wishes, as always, prevailed.)
A trickily re-wiring job done to contemporary electrical code and UL standards.
An Edward Caldwell lantern with hand-blown lens, before restoration.  This is from the Castle In The Clouds in Moultonborough, NH
The above lantern restored.
The Castle in the Clouds, Moultonborough, NH
A B&H billiard table light, restored.

In the background can be seen a large hex lantern by B&H

An exact copy of a B&H lantern sconce by Adam Nudd-Homeyer.  Incredible craftsmanship to duplicate the work of the original sconce.
A Caldwell hanging lantern at the entrance to the Castle. The incomparable view to the west of Lake Winnepesaukee and the mountains beyond.