Finally an LED bulb that makes sense!  The new Philips LED bulb may not be beautiful to look at, but it is an engineering marvel for many reasons.  It is the only LED bulb that truly can replace a standard 60 watt incandescent bulb, both in size, color and light flow. It has been named the winner of the US Department of Energy L prize.

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With all our lights you have the option of lamping with incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent or LED bulbs.  We feel it is very important that our customers have these options available to them.  A fixture with a dedicated bulb only will surely be a problem in the future where you either do not have another such bulb on hand or it is not available in a store near you, or worse, the company has gone out of business and its dedicated bulb holder will not fit any other manufacturers bulbs.

The 60 watt bulb is the most common size of the incandescent bulbs for home use.  Don't let the yellow color confuse you. When lit, this little gem produces a light color the same as an incandescent bulb, 2700 degrees Kelvin, a warm white, just like a 60 watt incandescent. It will fit anywhere a standard 60 watt bulb goes, but it consumes a mere 12 watts to produce the same amount of light. 

 Another big plus for this bulb is the shape which allows it to emit light in the same pattern as the incandescent bulb, that is to say, up, down and all around.  The typical LED replacement bulb is highly directional and will not give the surround light of an incandescent bulb.  The Philips bulb, however, is virtually identical in light spread, size and color to the familiar 60 watt incandescent.

The standard Edison screw base means this bulb can be used just about anywhere the incandescent bulb can be.  While there are many new LED light fixtures on the market, they mostly use proprietary mounting devices, not only rendering them useless in the millions upon millions of screw based lighting fixtures currently installed, but requiring an act of faith to assume that replacement parts will be available in a few years.  The LED business is changing fast.  This bulb will be around while others will disappear from the market.

And another thing or two: The bulb is silent, comes on instantly and is dimmable.

This bulb may be ordered from us for $30.00 each, plus the cost of shipping.