Technical information

We make all our lighting by hand,  to your order. They are formed in molds made from our master patterns which we design and make ourselves. The material is our own technically superior sintered ceramic formula which allows the fired clay to be thin, lightweight and extremely strong. We blend this clay body from a variety of sources to achieve this combination of strength and lightness. The key is an unusual use of micro-crystals in the mix that grow and interlock in the firing process to impart great strength. 

After firing at two thousand degrees Fahrenheit, the sintered sconce is then finished with many coatings using a variety of materials, from gold leaf, metal leaf with acid wash, lacquers, mica powders, enamels, faux finishes or other unusual materials.

The glass we use is American made art glass, undoubtedly the finest in the world. We offer scores of choices of colors and textures. Many of the glasses are reversible for different effects and can be sand blasted to achieve a unique "sea glass" appearance.

We can match or harmonize any swatch you send us.  Many of our clients have availed themselves of this service to great advantage. Consider using a multi-layered color on a textured sconce that might pick up wall color and trim color in the room. (Click here to see a sample of piece we did for a client in an unusual coral finish with a deep tone wash over it.). To further enhance the sconce, we could apply a very thin wash over this using fine gold dust or mica powders that will give a very subtle yet rich glaze. Please call for details.

The sconces mount on the wall with a heavy duty welded steel frame which bolts to a standard 4" octagon box. An aluminum reflector canopy protects the wall from the heat of the lamp and helps throw the light up from the sconce.  Click here for further information on mounting these sconces.

We wire for incandescent bulbs. We feel this gives the best quality of light for interior use. This also allows the greatest versatility in lamping. Many compact fluorescent and LED bulbs are available with screw base fittings. This allows you to change the wattage of the bulb as you see fit. Click here for more information on different bulb types you can use.

If halogen is desired, the double-envelope halogens can be screwed in directly. These are far safer than the bare-bulb halogens which are coming under increasing scrutiny from Underwriters Labs. as a known fire hazard.


Here is a picture of hot bronze being poured for our Genji pendant light.


All our sconces and table lamps carry an Underwriters Laboratories certification and are so labeled. Each piece is tested to a ten-times voltage overload.

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