Io C6 chandelier

Here are some samples of our Io chandeliers. Any pair of our pendant fixtures can be assembled as chandeliers of various sizes and combinations. Generally the doubles run from 18-20 inches in total width.  Feel free to call with any questions or to design your own chandelier.  Armatures can be finished in oiled bronze, chrome or satin chrome or satin brass. Lighting may be by incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent of LED bulbs.

Approximate weight about 12 lbs (will vary depending on the glass pendant chosen)

Here are the options

  • Io with P2 Sushi pendants            $852
  • Io with P3 Vortex pendants           $838
  • Io with P4 Marrakesh pendants    $942
  • Io with P5 Django pendants         $898
  • Io with P8 Topolino pendants       $836
  • Io with P11 Lilia pendants              $938
  • Io with P13 Trilium pendants         $866

Io Comes with 3 feet of ½" tubing drop tube in chrome, satin chrome, satin brass or dark oiled bronze with matching canopy and articulated hang straight. Custom colors available. Drop tube lengths greater than 3 feet are $10 per additional foot.

All our lighting carries an Underwriters Laboratories LLC  (UL) certification and is so labeled.