Some notes on glasses used in our lighting

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All our glass is produced in the United States, without doubt the makers of the finest art glass in the world today. We buy our glass in whole sheets from a variety of manufacturers whose quality and consistency meet our requirements. Other glasses we fuse to create new looks, textures, colors and patterns. Please call us for samples of any of our glasses. It is the best way to be sure of the qualities you are looking for. There is no charge for this service.

Another option to consider is our sea glass finish. Like glass that has been worked over by the actions of the surf and sand, this finish has a matte, non-shiny appearance which is very appealing and tactile. It reflects almost no light giving an even smooth surface devoid of strong highlights. When lit, however, it looks almost identical to the standard glass. This finish is available on any of our glasses for a $5 upcharge per sconce. Please ask for samples. It is unlike any other glass finish

Our Phoenix sconces (F431) are shown in just about every glass choice we offer, so go there to take a look at the choices that can be applied to any of our glass sconces.  Go to Phoenix page

The photographs we show are representative of each style, but there are always some variations as one would expect from such glasses. Each sample photograph is taken of a piece about eight inches square. The photo colors have been tested by us to be as accurate as possible, however due to variations in monitor setup, we cannot absolutely guarantee this accuracy as you see it. Where exact duplication is critical, please call or email us for a sample of the glass. We provide this as a necessary service without charge or obligation.

Also, be aware that many of the glasses we show have a different tonal quality when lit and unlit due to the inherent qualities of reflected and transmitted light. Get the samples you would like to see and test them yourself. We are happy to provide a reasonable number of samples at no charge.  For best results, we recommend using dimmer switches so you can have total control over the intensity of the light coming from the sconces.

We try to carry a complete inventory of glasses, but some are easier to come by than others, and sometimes certain colors or styles simply become unavailable. By the same token, there are frequently new and wonderful glasses being produced, and we will introduce them into our product line.  We can special order just about any glass you may want if you know of something that we don't show on our website. Please remember that some of these glasses are totally handmade by craftsmen pouring ladles of molten glass onto iron tables and smoothing them with iron rolling pins.

Please note that some glasses, notably the Bullseye confetti glasses, incur an upcharge due to the increased cost of that wonderful, hand made glass. Again, please call or email for samples.

As with all hand-made glasses, there are apt to be small imperfections called "seeds" which naturally occur in the glass. This is one of the characteristics of art glass and as such should not be considered as an imperfection in the finished product.

Please click here to see our complete line of glasses for your consideration.