Flake gold In this finish, small flakes of gold are applied overall. This results in a finely textured surface of gold facets, similar to a gold leaf finish, but with added interest.Custom Custom finishes are almost unlimited. We will provide a primed surface, ready for you to finish in any way you want. You may also request us to apply a spray enamel or lacquer to match a chip of your choice. We also do interesting glaze effects on top of these finishes where a shade of the required color is applied on top of the finish coat and rubbed off while still wet, leaving a slight darkening in the textured recesses of the sconce. Here is an example of a Scallop  sconce we did for a Disney hotel recently using this technique.

These are our applied finishes on our ceramic based sconces. Each finish takes many coats of sealers, sizes, various metal leaf applications, glazes and finally more sealers. In most cases seven to eight layers are required to achieve the desired finish. These are all hand applied and not to be confused with commercial production processes. For information on our glass sconces, click here.

Custom Color We will mix a custom color, or blend one to your specifications. In doing this, we like to apply a glaze of a darker tone which we rub off to reveal a deeper texture than simply spray painting allows.  Call for strike-offs.
Antique Gold   We use composition gold leaf, with 23 karat gold as an option, at market prices. The leaf is coated with a propriety translucent glaze that gently darkens the leaf. This can range from a very light gold to a warm, dark lustrous tone. Samples always available.
Bronze with patina A pure bronze finish is buffed out to a lustrous sheen. A light patina of gray/green is laid on and rubbed off to emphasize the texture.
Weathered copper Copper leaf is treated with a special acid wash which results in a weathered appearance with random colors effects ranging from copper to shades of red, gold and brown. A very natural and warm effect.
Verdigris Copper is treated with a special acid to induce a greater aged effect with colors of green and green/blue overlaying some visible copper. Again, this is a natural and somewhat random effect, one of the virtues of the acid finish.
Worn gold on black lacquer Here we applied gold leaf on top of a black lacquer ground and carefully remove the leaf on the highpoints. This lends a wonderfully rich character to the piece. No two will ever be exactly the same. Various ground colors can also be used, black and red being typical of Chinese gold leaf.
Rusty iron The rusty iron finish is similar to Core10 steel. It is an acid wash over pure iron which rusts to a rich, warm orange-red with some natural random shading to dark brown and black. It is a very spontaneous finish which will vary slightly from piece to piece. 
Pewter The pewter finish can be varied from a dark, rustic feeling to a bright brushed chrome effect. We control this effect by using multiple glazing techniques. Feel free to request whatever degree, from bright to dark, you want.
Mixed Metal The mixed metal finish is a combination of several metal leaves, including several tones of gold, silver, copper and variegated, mixed with various bronzing powders. Generally we offer either a predominate gold color or a predominate silver. However, custom work in this area is always possible. Silver and copper with an acid wash is most unusual.